The Association of Catholic Diocesan Archivists

  • promotes a regular system of education and training programs, including both basic archival training for newly appointed archivists and continuing education for those who are further advanced in the field;
  • promotes a channel for personal contact, communication, and information for all Catholic diocesan archivists;
  • strives to develop guidelines and other aids to enhance the operation of Catholic diocesan archives according to canonical and professional standards. We provide a forum for discussion and action in technical matters that are unique to the administration of Catholic diocesan archives;
  • promotes contact and cooperation between Catholic diocesan archivists and others in the archival profession, on the international, national and regional levels;
  • represents Catholic diocesan archivists before organizations such as the Canadian and United States national bishops’ conferences, these countries’ Canon Law Societies, ecclesiastical archivists in other countries, as well as researchers and the general public;
  • raises the consciousness of others as to the necessity and value of Catholic diocesan archives.

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